SHARY® e-Procurement enables you to fully digitize your G2B & B2B procurement process to effectively procure the needed materials and services, quickly and accurately, from your trusted suppliers with ease. Enables your suppliers to manage their products and services and discount offers. SHARY® e-Procurement supports advanced features that will help large and government organizations manage their procurements in a more effective manner.



SHARY® e-Marketplaces allows you to grow your investment by building vertical or horizontal G2G, G2B, and B2B marketplaces that enable suppliers/sellers to offer their products and services in an easy to use, secure, and scalable manner. Supporting multiple subscription levels, multiple currencies, catalogs, and integrations. When it comes to growing your business in e-commerce, SHARY® e-Marketplace is your best investment for sure.



SHARY® e-Commerce will help large organizations with highly configurable products and services to manage business transactions between customers and suppliers. SHARY® e-Commerce enables your organization to orchestrate from the initial request from your customer to get the best quotes from your suppliers to fulfill the customer request. SHARY® e-Commerce is highly customizable with full integration with backend systems such as ERP, SCM, CRM, and HRM.

Powerful and Secure Platform

SHARY® is the most advanced, secured, features rich, and integrated G2G, G2B, and B2B e-commerce cloud platform on the market today. SHARY® is provided to our customers as a simple and economical SaaS (in-country cloud) business model via strategic partnership between [atm]® and cloudBuy® .

Our Services

“ We enable our customers to manage their complex commerce business transactions by fully digital transforming the echo system. Offering our solutions as a cost-effective, features-rich, and secure SaaS model. We also work with our regional well-know partners to ensure stable, quality, and reliable services so that our customer can focus on growing their business and increase their profitability. ”

SHARY® Platform: Expand Your Business

With SHARY®. Organizations of all sizes and sectors can fully digitize their e-commerce needs for better performance, reduce operating costs, and improve their profitability. SHARY® provide the following solutions as a services (SaaS):

  •   e-Procurement
  •   e-Maketplaces
  •   e-Commerce

SHARY® Professional Services- Get Best Practices and improve your Business Processes

With our 25 years in the digitization of business processes, we help large organizations and government entities optimize their e-commerce transactions and improve their data and insights visibility on materials, suppliers, customers, and transactions.

SHARY® Strategic Partnership - We work strategically with local partners regionally.

Our service reliability and data security are a top priority for us. We ensure secure in-country and cost-efficient SHARY® services by selecting and working strategically and closely with our partners from cloud operators and market leaders to ensure we bring the best experience to our customers.

Sectors We Serve

SHARY® helps organizations of all sizes and from any sector to effectively and efficiently transform their B2B & G2G/G2B commerce processes in a secure, scalable, and professional manner. With 25 years in the digital transformation of business with the largest clients in the region, SHARY® can provide the best in market mix of technology, knowledge, and professional services.


Via SHARY® , we enable SMEs to effectively optimize their operating cost by digitizing their procurement process and increasing their revenue through our B2B e-Marketplaces.

Large Enterprise

For large enterprises, SHARY® can add massive value to their business by improving their procurement processes, expanding their sales channels, and integrating with backend systems.


SHARY® can contribute to speeding up Government Digital Transformation initiatives and governance via utilizing SHARY's e-procurement and SHARY's e-Marketplaces as ready to run and localized in-country secure cloud (or on-premises) solutions and services.

Industries we Serve

We provide Managed IT Services to the following industries and more. No matter what category your business falls under we are able to tailor a program to meet your technology needs.

  • Retails
  • Wholesale
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Petrochemical
  • Minerals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Financial & Insurance
  • Agriculture
  • Constructions
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing

About Us

For [atm]®, the focus on e-commerce goes back to 2004 when we created the 1st online (DHTML) PoS for one of the retailers in Dammam in Saudi Arabia. The solution was based on local web servers and dialup internet connect. Yet, very simple, but it was very effective. We call it “e-Sell”.

Moving forward and focusing on innovation and cutting-edge technologies, [atm] gained solid technical knowledge and business experiences build internal and external online/offline digital business solutions for large customers across the region and globally.

Starting SHARY®

In 2016, and with the boom of B2C e-commerce, [atm]® management decided to get into this market, but as always it has been, [atm]® management wanted to get into a market that is still a blue ocean, has room for innovation, and difficult to penetrate; [atm]® management decided to start from the root of e-commerce, start from the B2B.

Utilizing our experience in the B2B sectors, technical capabilities in integrating with ERPs and other systems (SAP, Oracle, MS, JE, Mainframes, etc…), [atm] painted the picture of its offering for the market.

In 2018, [atm]® created a new Strategic Business Unit (SBU) called “SHARY®” where a suite of solutions, technologies, and services will be offered to our customers and will help them fully and securely digitize any G2B2B business requirements or initiatives.

Our Vision

Being locally hosted, owning our IP, rich in features, strong in security, and sharing our 25 years of experience, we bring to our customers unmatched partnership with [atm]® in their digital transformation journey.

We are geared to be one of the major transformational solutions providers when it comes to G2B and B2B e-commerce, and we want you to be our partner in this journey.

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